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I'm honored by what clients are saying about Bodywork for Peace:

"April, I neglected to tell you how ache-free my body has been all week since my massage.  Thank you again for your fine work. I am so grateful you have come into my life. See you next time." 

Gandolfa S.

"April started helping me recover from an accident that left me with limited ability to walk. Her knowledge of physiology and anatomy is tremendous. My doctors and therapists have been amazed with my recovery and I attribute a great amount to April. She not only understands the steps needed for improvement but has an intuitive ability to  transfer her healing touch. She is a fantastic therapist."

Steve B.

"That was amazing. You were really focused; you spent time on the areas I told you about, rather than other people who do a general massage and maybe get to that area. I really appreciate that. Your thumbs are strong and the pressure was good. Thank you." 

Sebastian S.

"You have a really sensitive touch. I have been having lots of problems with my feet, and I really felt like you were listening to my feet. Thank you!"

Ruthane C.

"I've never had massage from anyone else before, but I have a feeling you're really good at what you do. What you've been doing with me in these sessions is really helping me. I feel really relaxed now, but energized too."

Morgan C.

"You have an awesome touch! I've had a lot of massages, and that was wonderful. ...I'll see you again soon. Thank you, April!"


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